Short Courses

Interrogating Intentions

So you’ve set your 2020 Intentions, this short course, with the additional monthly Intentional Mondays that will run throughout the year, is aimed at helping you to materialise your 2019 intentions/goals/wishes.

Emotional & Spiritual INtelligence

The LeaderShape Emotional intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence course is a life changing program that can have a tremendous impact on the success and effectiveness of your work life, career and home life.

Shadow Work

We all have aspects of our self that we wish to see grow, mature and evolve. We also all have blind spots that prevent and/or sabotage our efforts to do so. Moreover we do not have the t00ls to work through and face the discomfort

Energy Management

Burn-out, anxiety and Depression are being experienced at unprecedented levels in this country. Being overwhelmedly overworked and exhausted is shockingly common. 


We love photography! Our passion is to capture the wedding, moment or people in such a way that you will be amazed by the end result! We love light, quality and our photo’s are fresh, light and full color.

Respectful Communication

his Respectful Communication master class will help you in relationships in every area of your life. We we draw strongly on Martin Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication (NVC) process, and integrate elements of the Neurolinguistic

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