Living Consciously - a Leadershape product

Sometimes days, weeks or even month go by without you realizing that you actually live, beyond just robotically existing, according to the law of the obligations others expect you to fulfil. Your mind is so full of all the demands and needs and wants that you chase after every day, that there is no time left to stop for a moment of consciously experiencing yourself. Does that sound familiar to you?

Your consciousness flowers when you give it more space.

One of the biggest reasons that we live unconsciously is because there is so much “noise” going on in our mind that we lose the ability to break through it. Come and join us on a three part, Life Altering, enLIVEning Program of sharing the practice of Living Consciously facilitated by LeaderShape Life Transition Coach and Master NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner and Trainer, Patricia Hendricks, who also has Clinical Psychology and psychotherapy training.

Part 1 – The Practice

The Practice is a six-session program in personal mastery. At this introductory level the delegate is given a broad understanding of mindful living and introduced to the concepts and practice of Living Consciously.

Part 2 – The Shaping

The Shaping is a six-session program core transformation process, essentially designed to give us insight to some of our ego/wound/fear issues that reside at the preconscious level within broader consciousness.

Part 3 – The Awakening

The Awakening is a five day residential program, of which the delegate will spend three days in silence. This part of the course is focused inwards, and is aimed at integrating the information and answers the delegate eked through the previous two levels to reveal a new way of life and engage the courage to live a more flourishing, joyful way of being.

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