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About Leadershape

While the jury is still out on whether a leader is born or made, at LeaderShape we believe that every leader who is worth their metal will work at honing their integrity as a leader by continuing to shape themselves. This continuous shaping is determined by an ability for both honest introspection and respectful responses to others on the one hand, and a practice of reflection that enables a leader to know the emergent trend and path they need to open and facilitate for their followers.

LeaderShape was originally founded in 2004 to create exactly this space for the ongoing development and shaping of both people who currently hold Leadership positions as well as for those with the aptitude for strong Leadership.

About The Founder

Patricia Hendricks has a background in Clinical Psychology, Life Transition Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Consciousness training, Communication and Leadership development. She lectured university senior students in Leadership and Self-development at TSIBA University and Cornerstone College and also facilitated University of Cape Town  students in Personal Mastery development. She has been a Life Transition Coach since 2003

Her clinical psychology training includes Psychotherapy Counselling, Clinical Diagnosis, an understanding of Personality Disorder, Trauma Counselling, Substance Abuse training, Couples therapy, Group Therapy and Child Therapy

Over and above being skilled in the resolution of internal strife and the blockages that continue to sabotage personal success, she is also trained and experienced in Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, building cohesive teams and communities, negotiation techniques and both personal and institutional transformation

Patricia is most interested in working with people in Leadership positions to support them in building enabling communities for those in their sphere  b


  • Life Transition Coach
  • Master Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Leadership Mastery Developer
  • Personal Mastery Facilitator

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