Empowering you towards your ever-growing potential - We facilitate an increased level of personal mastery that enhances leadership development first, before teaching management skills

Leadershape Life Coaching Course

The LeaderShape Life coaching course takes place over the period of 12months. It consists of five modules (2months each) and a 2month period during which the student will do his/her practical sessions. 

Leadership Mastery

LeaderShape offers a Core Leadership development program as described below and will also design bespoke programs to suit the needs of your organisation

Personal Mastery

Personal mastery implies an ability to “know thyself”. It implies an ability to know your fear/ego/wounds and drives; to be able to self-regulate emotionally and to be able to realistically assess one’s self in any given situation

Open Heart

The capacity to redirect attention and to use one’s heart as an organ of perception (“seeing with the heart”); to shift the place from which your perception happens to the other or to the field/whole; to access our sources of EQ (emotional intelligence).

Otto Scharmer

Open Mind

The capacity to suspend judgment and to inquire; to see some- thing with fresh eyes; to access our sources of IQ (intellectual intelligence).

Otto Scharmer

Open Will

The capacity to let-go of one’s old identities and intentions and tune into the future that is seeking to emerge through me or us; to let-go of our old self and to let-come our emerging authentic Self; to access our sources of SQ (spiritual intelligence)

Otto Scharmer

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